Ways to AutomateYour Airbnb Business

Ways to AutomateYour Airbnb Business

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Airbnb hosts often struggle with their multiply listings. After all, the whole process of managing bookings, guest communication, cancellations, and other regular tasks can be often overwhelming. You can use many tools, devices and software solutions to automate some of these activities. In this post, we have presented Airbnb tips for hosts who want to automate the management of their rental business.

Use the Email Autoresponder

Almost all the email service providers offer the option  of automated responses. In case you are  offline, the autoresponder can send emails to your guests. Fast responses improve your rating for sure. Include all of the important information in your autoresponder such as key exchange instructions, directions to your property, Wi-Fi passwords, check-in and check-out policies, and more. A personalized message may have a great impact and show guests that you are a professional host.

Automate your key exchange

If you have many listings, you will often have more than one booking on the same day. Since you cannot beat both places at the same time, a smart lock is the simplest way to allow access to your property. These locks use wireless systems, and the guests can enter the house only when you send a signal via your smart device or phone. If that’s an expensive option , you can go for a lock box or an electronic lock. When the guests arrive, you can give them the required combination for getting in. These automated locks also allow you to control other rooms of the house, which are not available for free access. Regardless of the option that you choose, with an automated key exchange process you will be sure that guests can access your vacation rental property no matter what time of day they arrive.

Invest in a vacation rental software

With vacation rental software such as AirGMS, you can have complete control on your business, besides automating a lot of regular tasks, such as pricing, emails, and more. AirGMS will notify you about new bookings and cancellations, and you will have an integrated dashboard, with all the relevant information. If you have different accounts for different listings, you can easily track them on one dashboard, without logging in and out of yout different Airbnb accounts. With free templates and triggered auto messaging, you can effectively manage guest communication. Since all tasks and news are sorted on one platform, the whole process of management will get easier than ever

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