Sept24 – A Pioneer in HR, Marketing and Management Functional Roles

Sept24 – A Pioneer in HR, Marketing and Management Functional Roles

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Most of us believe that marketing is a way of promoting a business and this includes brand creation, social media, strategic positioning, pricing, advertising, etc. In fact, in each business there is a need for strong investment in the practices.

Role of HR

Especially, the Human Resources are sure to benefit with some marketing included. In the past years, HT has certainly undergone severe changes with respect to the criticism taken seriously. The consultants have now stripped to the barest essentials and it is now observed that even a cottage industry has emerged over the outsourcing and dismantling. Anytime walking through your organization halls at some day or at some point, you may have complains about the HR being out dated or old-fashioned. If so it is time to consider a transformation and to inculcate new practices of marketing into the HR as both have to deal with people and their behaviors.

The HR leadership is now transforming to prove its value and there are now changing business models, integrating of data-driven practices, and outsourcing administrative details. Yet there are managers who are not fully aware of the amazing accomplishments done in a year, how employees utilize the HR departments, do the CEOs ever appreciate the HR strategic power, and how important is HR to build the future of a company. The fact is that no one has given any attention to the HR and so it has no credibility in its account.

What changes must be done?

There is a need to undergo changes confirms, an expert in Human resources and management, marketing and communication. There is a need to invest in execution plans and branding strategy. HR can position as a business even within the frame of a business.

What does HR do, they serve clients, manage a budget, and their performance has an impact on profitability. There are reasons that it must have a positioning, brand strategy, and consistent messaging relating to the benefits, services, and the proof of value. The HR profile must be raised in most organizations so that they are transformed into talent management professionals and certainly they need to follow a marketing strategy.

The HR professionals work involves incredibly hard work every day. The proof of work and value also exists, but there is certainly a barrier in communication and this is the first that department needs to focus and overcome.

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