Mobile Marketing 101

Mobile Marketing 101

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If you look at the various reports getting published on annual basis by telecom companies and mobile carriers, they all mention the rapid growth of mobile phone users. But what they also mention is that almost 50% of people are using their smartphones as their primary device to access internet. This means, an increasing number of people are using mobile to find products and services that you offer. This makes a strong case to engage into mobile marketing.

But what is mobile marketing and how to do mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing, on a broader scale, includes any kind of promotional activity that is undertaken to be delivered on a handheld device. It does not matter whether it is a smartphone or a tablet. The promotional content should be designed and delivered on a handheld device.

Here are some tips to guide you in creating mobile marketing strategies.

  1. Know Your Audience

Ask any marketer and they will tell you that the most important and the most difficult aspect of marketing is understanding the audience. You don’t want to be all over the place with your promotional content because it will reduce its effectiveness. If it lands in the hands of the right person then you will see better results. So first define this “right person” for your product or service. Understand what kind of people are more likely to be your customers, how do they buy, when do they buy, and how your product/service will make your life easy.

  1. Targeted Messaging

When it comes to buying your product or service, not everybody is driven by the same motive. So try to understand why a certain type of customer would make a purchasing decision and create messages geared towards that. Your message has to be relevant to the customers and make sense to them to get them to purchase.

  1. Creating Mobile Friendly Website

Like we said earlier, an increasing number of people are using smartphones as their primary device to look up products and services. This means they are accessing your website on it. If your website has been designed for a desktop view then it is going to be difficult for them to explore it on a mobile. So what you can do is get a mobile website done or get your technical team to make your current website mobile compatible and responsive to different screen sizes.


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