How to Effectively Screen Potential Employees

How to Effectively Screen Potential Employees

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Sometimes when we are looking for new employees, it is important to screen potential candidates, especially if the position involves a lot of trust. There are online companies that specialise in providing screening and vetting services for employers, and there are a number of ways to verify a person. One thing to do is carry out a criminal background check, which used to be called CRB check, from the Criminal Records Bureau, which is now called a DBS check.

Online Solutions

There are discreet companies that perform online DBS checking services for employers who wish to vet potential job candidates, and the service is reasonably priced. Because the check is conducted online, the process is very straightforward and you would receive your DBS certificate within a few days.

Checking Details

What exactly does a DBS check involve? Firstly, a criminal background check would be carried out and this reveals whether the applicant has ever been convicted of a crime in the UK. Employment history can also be checked, and with so many unethical people who are liberal with the truth, the only way to ensure that the applicant is in fact, telling the truth.

Qualification Verification

With the fake university degree industry thriving, it is very easy to purchase something that looks and feels like a genuine degree, and for this reason, an employer would like to verify that the applicant’s qualifications are genuine. Obviously, people really want the position they are applying for, and sometimes they will bend the truth in order to gain an advantage, which is why an employer should always verify work related qualifications.

Enhanced DBS Checking

If the job applied for involves any of the following, an enhanced DBS check is advised:

  • Working as a volunteer
  • Working with children
  • Working with the disabled
  • Working with the elderly
  • Having access to sensitive data

The job might involve handling large amounts of money, or very valuable goods, and in this case, an enhanced DBS check will reveal all convictions, spent or unspent. If an organisation wished to carry out enhanced DBS checking on a volunteer, the prices are very low when compared to a usual enquiry, as it is an unpaid position.

Integrity Checking

This involves looking for signs on unethical behaviour, and would typically include checking previous employment history and the validity of any professional qualifications, and with some positions, a great deal of trust must be placed in the employee, and to be honest, there are some people who are not suitable for certain occupations.

Fast and Convenient

Obviously, you would be a very busy person and need to spend your time effectively, and with online DBS services, everything can be completed via their website, and after a secure online payment, your DBS certificate will be forwarded to you.

This service is an essential tool for many employers, and companies that regularly use the service would receive special discounts, and with all your new employees screened, you can be confident you made the right choice.

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