Five Sectors that use Palladium for Specific Purposes

Five Sectors that use Palladium for Specific Purposes

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Palladium is a member of the platinum group metals (PGMs) that boats excellent catalytic properties. This silvery-white metal shares a lot of the characteristics that are common to PGMs like high density and high melting point. Just like platinum, palladium is quite resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Palladium is available alongside other PGMs naturally found in placer deposits in rocks like chromite, dunite and norite. Palladium is used in various industries including the following.

Automobile Sector

Palladium is used in catalytic converters for automobiles and other machines equipped with engines. A catalytic converter has catalysts that convert the engine exhaust’s toxic substances into less toxic ones, producing a cleaner exhaust. While catalytic converters can make use of various catalysts, palladium tends to be the most effective and most affordable option.

Electronics Sector

Palladium is used in electronics within multi-layer ceramic capacitors that help in controlling current flow to different parts of a circuit by releasing and storing charge as needed. Usually, MLCCs are made using a palladium and silver alloy or purely palladium. Hybrid integrated circuits have smaller quantities of palladium. In some electronics, palladium is also used in connector plating.

Dental Sector

 Palladium is alloyed with silver or gold, zinc and copper in order to make dental inlays, bridges and crowns. Including this platinum group metal increases durability and strength while staying malleable.

Jewelry sector

 Palladium is ideal for people who love the look of platinum; however, are looking for something a bit more affordable. Compared to platinum, palladium tends to be harder which makes it more resistant to scratch. Typically, palladium is less expensive than gold, silver and platinum.  And because it is naturally hypoallergenic, it is best for those who are sensitive to other metals.

Chemical Sector

Palladium is used to substitute platinum in catalysts used for producing various chemicals like adhesives, fibers, paints and coatings.

The applications of palladium in various industries signify that it may become more useful as technology advances. These days, palladium is being researched to discover its potential for use in hydrogen storage and fuel cells. Although this metal may not be as popular as other precious metals like gold, silver and platinum, it makes the contemporary world possible in a lot of ways. As a commodity and investment, the future looks promising for this precious metal. Those who are looking for palladium catalysts including palladium catalyst msds should check out

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