Customer Service and Religare Health Insurances

Customer Service and Religare Health Insurances

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Medical science has evolved tremendously over the years due to the advent of technology. The life expectancy rate has also increased significantly. You can even get access to the latest medical treatment procedures in India but, they tend to be expensive in most cases. In such scenarios, a Religare health insurance comes in handy as it will cover the cost of the treatment, medicines, tests, etc. It acts a financial safety net when you need it the most.

Religare health insurance is a division of Religare Enterprises Limited. The company began its operations in 2012 and has over 61 offices across the country. Religare Health insurance in India is backed by the founders of Fortis Healthcare and SRL Diagnostics. The former has a network of over 54 healthcare facilities in Dubai, India, and Mauritius whereas the latter has over 306 laboratories, 6900 collection points with facilities in Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Dubai.

How to Contact Religare Health Insurance Customer Care

In today’s digital world, it is easier to reach an organization than it was a decade ago. You can easily contact Religare health insurance customer care by the following methods:

1) Phone call

You can contact the Religare health insurance customer care by calling the toll free number 1860-500-4488 or 1800-200-4488. The customer care service is available round the clock, and you can easily make a call in case of a medical emergency.

2) Email

If you have queries about the insurance or if you have an issue with Religare’s services, you can send an email to The concerned company executive will revert to your email.

3) Letter

Religare also addresses grievances in the form of a letter. You can mention the issue you’re facing with their services in detail and send it to their customer service headquarters in Gurgaon.

4) Branch Visit

Religare has over 61 branches in India, and you can visit any of the subsidiaries to solve the problem. You can locate the office nearest to your location by using the online branch locator on the official Religare website.

5) Insurance agent

If you have purchased insurance through a company insurance agent or if a company executive is attached to your account, you can call that person directly and resolve the issue.

Customer support is of paramount importance to Religare, and they have multiple active channels through which you can easily get in touch with them.

Are The Services Satisfactory?

Religare health insurance in 2018 provides the best services under various features such as:

1) Claim to settlement ratio

This is one of the vital elements you need to check while purchasing insurance. It refers to the total number of claims filed by insurance holders to the total settlements issued by the insurance company. Religare has a high claim to settlement ratio in the health insurance industry.

2) Hospital network

The hospitals that have a collaboration with the insurance company will be in a position to process the formalities faster and begin the required medical procedures. You can also get cashless transactions at the network hospitals and need not spend your hard-earned savings for the necessary treatment. Religare health insurance has a network of over 5420+ hospitals in the country which ensures that you have easy access to the best medical services.

3) Renewability

You are more prone to illness in your sunset years than you are in your 30s. Hence, the insurance policy which has lifetime renewability ensures that you have access to the best medical facilities for a long period. Religare health insurance provides lifetime renewability on all its insurance policies.

4) Co-pay

Most insurance companies require you to pay a fixed percentage of the claim amount, and they will pay for the rest. This usually means that you will have to shell out a significant amount of money if the treatment was for a serious illness. In the case of Religare, there is no co-pay, and the insurance company pays entirely for the treatment.

Value For Money

Religare health insurance is one most beneficial health insurance policies in the country. They provide a plethora of features and benefits that will enable you to provide the best medical facilities for your family. To renew your Religare health insurance this year or to purchase a new one, visit

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