3 of the best recruitment tips

3 of the best recruitment tips

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On the face of it, recruitment can seem like a very straightforward process. Simply post some job ads, sift through the responses, conduct the interviews and choose the people who seem best suited to the roles. In reality though, hiring new personnel is often much more complicated than this and there are a host of pitfalls to avoid.

To help you improve your recruitment process, here are three tips all entrepreneurs should know.

  1. Create an appealing company culture

There is a tendency for businesses to view recruitment as a one-way process, but it’s not just about selecting the best candidates. To get recruitment right, companies have to consider the fact that job candidates also have to choose them. So, in order to attract the top talent, businesses must convince people that they are a good place to work. To do this, they have to create an appealing company culture.

One person who knows a lot about this topic is Appco chairman and founder Chris Niarchos. According to the internationally renowned businessman, it’s important for companies to be able to show what they stand for. Speaking at a recent event for independent owners from the Appco network, he said: “If you want your office to be about ambition, sell ambition and you’ll attract ambitious people; if you want to attract innovators, make your culture about innovation.”

He added that creating the right culture is the most important part of attracting people to a business.

  1. Don’t stick to the standard interview questions

When companies are interviewing prospective workers, they have to ask them questions that drill down into their knowledge, experience and competencies. However, as well as standard queries, it pays to pose some less obvious questions too. Also speaking at an Appco Group event, this time an Appco UK skills sharing event for entrepreneurs, hostage negotiator Richard Mullender recommended asking candidates about their favourite boss or mentor, and why they liked working or contracting for them.

He suggested that this one simple question could give you useful insights into how someone works and what they would be looking for from you as a leader. For example, if a candidate said their favourite boss was someone who let them get on with things, this would indicate that they liked being independent and taking responsibility. On the other hand, if they said they liked a manager who was always there when they needed them, this would suggest they are best suited to having a highly supportive leader.

  1. Have an effective onboarding process for new hires

Research conducted by the software company BambooHR suggested that nearly a third of people (31 per cent) have left a job within the first six months. This statistic reveals that all too often when people start new roles, they find they are not happy and consequently leave. So, to help ensure your hard work in the recruitment process doesn’t go to waste, it’s vital that you have an effective onboarding system in place.

By setting up effective training and support processes and investing time and energy in nurturing new workers, you not only stand to get the best out of them, but you should also find that you’re able to boost your staff retention rates.

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