10 Reasons Why Marketing isn’t Working for Your Small Business

10 Reasons Why Marketing isn’t Working for Your Small Business

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So, you’re a small company and you want to reach a bigger audience. Of course, this is where marketing comes in. But, do you really know what you’re doing?

Marketing is essential for your business, but unless you are doing it right, it can be a waste of your valuable time. Let’s have a look at some of the most common marketing mistakes and how you can tackle them.

You Don’t Set Marketing Goals

You always need a plan. Without one you’ve got no way of knowing how you want to achieve your marketing goals. For example, what are your sales goals? What is your leads goal? You have got to think about what your marketing strategy is before you can get started. Then you can create your plan of action for your team.

You Haven’t Measured Your ROI

How do you know your marketing strategy is working if you don’t monitor your results? You need to make sure it’s showing a return on investment for your company. You can use analysis tools, such as Google Analytics or Facebook Ad Manager to see all the metrics you need. Have a look at your click-through rate and conversion rates to see what’s going on.

You Don’t Stick to the Plan

You may think that changing your marketing strategy on a regular basis is a good thing. But, it can mean you never follow through and see results. It can take several months for a marketing strategy to start showing gains for your business. While it is great you want to keep up with new approaches and explore new avenues, give your marketing strategy some time to work first.

You Focus Too Much on New Customers

Of course, you want to gain new customers for your business. But, don’t forget about the customers you already have! They’ve already showed they like your products or services, which means that it’s easier to sell to them again. Aim your marketing strategy at current customers, as well as generating new leads. This includes ways to upsell and build customer loyalty, which can be achieved through email marketing and influencer programs, as well as Facebook remarketing campaigns.

You’re Forgetting to Build an Email List

Monthly newsletters and promotions through email are a great way to appeal to new and existing customers. Yet, a lot of businesses forget to collect email addresses. If you have stores, your staff should ask for customer email addresses so you can generate further sales down the line, as well as running a Facebook campaign to add to your email list.

You Aren’t Updates Your Website

We’re in an age of technology where people check out your business online before they purchase products or services. So, if your website is outdated, it’s not going to give a good impression. That’s why you’ve got to update your content and use SEO practices to drive traffic to your website. Plus, make sure it’s mobile friendly and loads quickly; these are things that customers expect or they will leave and choose a competitor instead.

You’ve Only Got One advertising Tactic

Advertising can drive sales and if you’re only increasing your number of Facebook posts, this isn’t going to work. You’ve got to utilize the targeting features that are offered by Google, Yelp and Facebook to reach out to customers. You can use remarketing and geographic targeting to get your business out there.

You Ignore Online Reviews

Reputation is everything and customers are increasingly looking to reviews and ratings to judge whether to purchase your products or services. So, if you come across negative reviews, don’t ignore them. Make the effort to address them and respond. This will show you care and offer good customer service, offering solutions to problems.

You Don’t Offer Promotions or Incentives

You may think that every penny counts. Sure, but customers are looking for more than just great products and services; they are looking for value for money too. That’s why you should offer discounts and regular sales to keep people interested, as well as free products from time to time. Think about your target audience and ways you can appeal to them and stand out from the crowd.

You Are Juggling Everything Yourself

Running a business is hard work and sometimes you can’t do it by yourself. You’ve got to know when to look for help. Successful marketing strategies are ongoing and take up a lot of your time, especially when you don’t know what you’re doing. That is why it can be beneficial to invest in professional help. Azuri Group is an agency specialised in marketing for plastic surgeons, which means you can focus on your business and leave the marketing side of things to experienced and trained experts.

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